Locked out from datagerry


I upgrade a datagerry instance to the latest version.
I played around with the external authentication and suddenly I was locked out.

I was redirected to a /connect page that prints ‘If you see this message, the frontend cannot find a connection to DATAGERRY. Probably there is a problem with your backend instance. You can try to connect manually. Otherwise notify your administrator.’

I also can not log in anymore.

How can I reset the authentication settings?

I used docker compose to install datagerry.


Hi @StefCoene,

and welcome to our community! It seems you found a bug in our authentication setting page. We’ll track them in NET-797 and NET-798 and are currently working on a bug fix release. I guess we’ll publish a bugfix release today in the evening.

If you don’t want to wait, you can reset the authentication settings in MongoDB database. Just connect to the DATAGERRY database in your docker environment with:

docker exec -it <container name> mongo
>use cmdb
>db.settings.conf.remove({"_id": "auth"})

Thank you.
I can log in again.


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