Datagerry synchronized with vCenter

I want to ask do you plan to provide / create a mechanism that will automatically collect data from vCenter and transfer such data about virtual physical hosts and information about them to datagerry (create, update, remove objects and manage them)?
It is a situation in which it was possible to record data in the datagerry system on a regular basis in order not to supplement it with protein / manually.
Something similar about what i talk is tool for appication netbox which you export objects from vCenter which it exports objects to that software.
Ofcourse such a script it should be configurable which fields should to be update which not.
Maybe You could think about it or if someone created some scripts to this maybe share with community :slight_smile:

I also have the same question. I want to sync my vm’s to datagerry.
But I also have a dynamic vcenter inventory in ansible. So could you import ansible facts or the inventory into datagerry as initial load.