Dashboard more functional

i think that in dashboard should be more functional.
Specifically i think about graphs Objects, Types and Users that it should share the click option like link.
So if i click some object on graph i think it should move to these objects in type where they are but this is only my propose :wink:

next suggestion
When dashboard show some coulmn on the chart like this:
when column is white i dont see how much is objects ang is it size


  1. don’t use white color in charts
  2. white column should have border in some color example black and when column is white letter should be black :smile:

next note:
in pie chart i have bad data. I show You @mbatz. My chart:
i see in this picture summary 26 types but it this pie chart the sum indicates only 8.
I don’t see all types in categories/subcategories. I have categories/ subcategories which have more then 2 types inside so it’s not show from largest to smalest. I don’t know ho it works

The same is in earlier entry. Summary is 113 objects but inside column chart (on the screen) are the sum is much less image