Collumns preference cannot be saved


On DATAGERRY 2.1.0, in the Object Type List,
you have only limited field selected (Active, PublicId, Author, CreationTime, ModificationTime, Actions), not your custom fields.
But in the Collums menu, when you select additional fields or all fields to add (like Name…), after a refresh you have to select again your preferences.
It was kept in the previous version.
You can save the config (Config Menu with the config name to add and the green icon) but after a refresh of the page the record disappeared.
If you can have a look at this, it will be very useful.
Best regards


Hi @tester ,
we were able to reproduce your issue and will have a look at it. Thanks for your feedback.

BR Adnan

Hi @tester,
the fix for the error you stated will be part of the next release. Thanks for your feedback on this bug.

BR Adnan