Cmdb.conf messagingQueues with RabbitMQ


I have got a cluster of RabbitMQ servers.

How can I add the RabbitMQ cluster nodes into the cmdb.conf?


 host = 98.98..98.1,
 port = 15672
 username = datagerry
 password = password
 exchange = datagerry.eventbus
 connection_attempts = 2
 retry_delay = 6
 use_tls = true

Does this work?


Hi @sink1 ,
at the current state DATAGERRY does not support a cluster of RabbitMQ servers.

BR Adnan


Unfortunately, Datagerry does not seem to support any form of clustering from RabbitMQ to Mongodb.

With RabbitMQ when there is a node failure, Data Gerry clients should be able to reconnect to a different node, recover their topology and continue operation. This functionality is typically included in client libraries that will accept a list of endpoints (hostnames or IP addresses) as a connection option. But Data Gerry does not.

It does make DataGerry a hard sell to put into production. “Hi please put your CMDB here, and have no redundancy”.

How do I explain that this CMDB is production ready, when DataGerry disallows best practice access to its back-end dependencies?

What plans have Data Gerry made to implement the missing functionality such as accessing a list of nodes, and connection recovery? What’s their plan?

The Kitchen Sink