Cleaning up threads in Report a Bug/Enhancement

Hello @jay,
I would like to ask
Is there a chance for your team to review all threads written from the beginning as part of Report a Bug/Enhancement and either refer to this content or will you deal with and fix this topic, or if these bugs are implemented and fixed, then close threads with appropriate descriptions.
The point is that everyone should be clear whether certain topics have been implemented or will be implemented or will not be implemented.
Unfortunately, there are also a lot of threads that end up being negotiated, or are left unanswered.
As you know, earlier developers left the project while working on threads and subsequent releases and now it is not known whether the threads that were addressed will be completed.

Hello @marcinw
I just asked the developers to go through the thread again and leave a comment. Threads where the bugs have been fixed will be closed. All others will be left open until the new release is released. Most threads have also been found in Jira Issues. Therefore I assume that most bugs have already been fixed.

Hello @jay ,
Thanks for response :slight_smile: