Access to GUI with a non-login user


here a first observation regarding v2.0:
I have created an automation user without the right to access the GUI. When i try to login using that account i get the spinning wheel and nothing happens. Shortening the URL from “http://datagerry/auth” to “http://datagerry/” then logs me in, but without being able to see any type or object information. I can access the rights management page and see the potentially available rights.
Not a big issue, but it should not let the user in, instead indicate the missing access permission.

Thanks a lot for your work, kind regards,

Hi @MiB ,
can you give us some more information about the issue with the permanently spinning wheel? We could not reproduce the issue so far.

Regarding the permissions, we will have a complete look at all the permissions in DATAGERRY in the near future.

BR Adnan

Hi, the “spinning wheel” is the login mask with a visual indicator that “something” is going on :wink:
(can only add 1 image…)
This is what i get when i then remove the “auth”-part from the URLand hit enter.
Sorry but i don’t have more info on that. Maybe you can tell how to extract debug/logging info from the container.
Regards, Michael