Search and regex

Can do regex the search or give assumptions to search for two objects or less then all objects ?

for example:

Hello @marsb ,

i hope I have understood them correctly. The filter function in the tables checks whether the value you are looking for is present in the field values.

e.g. We search for ‘loc’, objects with the following values are found:

  • Local
  • Localhost
  • clock
  • etc.

The following regex applies here: .loc..
Further regex statements are not supported.

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I was about searching a few of the all objects.

for example:

  • host1
  • host2
  • host321
  • host408
  • host501

only two objects from the list.

  • host2
  • host408

What was your search term?
→ host2 host408

Can not find.

the list of objects for examle

Search attention fails:

Hello @marsb,

It is not currently supported.

With kind regards

try this:
you see text / regex → choose regex

OK. Thank you for the information

Yes, Regex works in global. Thx