Problem with LDAP-Authentication

Hello everybody,

I need help with my LDAP-Authentication. I use active directory for user authentication and I have Datagerry version 2.2.0.

My Problem is Groups Mapping. I can`t login with an User which is a member from a group (see Picture 5). I added the group path under LDAP DN and assigned a Datagerry group. I adapted the searchfilter from (memberUid=%username%) to (memberOf=%username%).

The other settings (see Picture 1-4) should be correct, because If I activate the assignment for default group (see picture 1), I can login with an User about LDAP and it gets assign the default group. But then I can login with all users within my base dn (see picture 4).

Did I configure it false? Is this an Datagerry Issue?

I hope anybody can help me.

i hope the documentation will help you:

8.2.1. LDAP group mapping

thank you for your answer!
I already read the documantion, but it did not help me.