API Search - Filter Parameter


I need an example to filter for a custom field.

This works:

/rest/objects/?filter={"type_id": 1}

But I don’t have any idea how to filter my own fields?
I tested the unique field name, but without an result:

/rest/objects/?filter={"type_id": 1, "text-59937": "test"}

Thanks for your help.
Bye Ron


The results section (array) of the API result is like the object in MongoDB.

    "_id": ObjectId("..."),
    "type_id": 1,
    "status": true,
    "version": "1.0.0",
    "creation_time": "ISODate(...)",
    "author_id": 1,
    "last_edit_time": null,
    "editor_id": null,
    "active": true,
    "fields": [
            "name": "text-59937",
            "value": "test"
    "public_id": 1,
    "views": 0

MongoDB Documentation


    "type_id": 1,
    "fields": {
        "name" : "text-59937",
        "value" : "test"

Thanks Ron