Wrong timestamp while updating objects via CSV import

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  • I export all objects to a list incl. public id as csv
  • make manual changes in the csv
  • afterwards i want to import the new csv again
  • when importing objects via csv the check mark for “Update objects if Public ID exists” is set
  • after successful import I click on the button “view list”
  • in the overview of the object type list I see that my changes have been taken over

The error is that the timestamp for “Creation Time” has been updated.
The timestamp for “Modification Time” should have been updated instead.
I can see this because “no modifications so far” is still displayed under “modification time” and the “creation time” corresponds to the import date.

Since the CMDB is basically a kind of it documentation, this would be a false statement.
it is important that the time is correct.

Also the tab “Log” (located in the object view on the button) display “Action: CREATE” and “Comment: Object was imported”.

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Hello @Jennifer,

was planned for the 1.6 release.


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