User Management -> Users

Recently, the way users are displayed has changed.
Now it’s hard to verify what users are in each group.
Earlier user management with this split was better. Now it is difficult to find people in a given group (you cannot even sort by group or search)
Can you think of a better way to manage the group that the user is in? maybe inside the Users page, we could use a second tab showing the view with the division of users from the group side?

Hi @marcinw

We have recently changed a lot in our Rest API, as we have major redesigned the table modules in the frontend. A lot has also happened with the user management. In the current development version, many of these functions are back (sorting by group, etc.). There are also separate tables for the display of users of certain groups or a group display by rights.

These functions are expected to be published with the 1.5.0 release on 05 Feb 2021.

Hi @anon3483405
Thanks for your information.I just wanted to point out that there are needs, such as the approach to user management from the group perspective. It’s great news that you have plans to organize this topic further.
I’m waiting for the new version :slight_smile:
Best regards