UI - Existing UI component frameworks

Hi @mbatz ,

I just read an enhancement topic: Show xx entries - settings .

A possible solution to easily enrich the UI could be to use an open source package like prime-ng components: https://www.primefaces.org/primeng/

These already contain a lot of ready-made angular components.

Another (although less feature-complete) alternative is Angular Material UI (https://material.angular.io/).

Even if the goal is to design/maintain a custom UI framework** , the components can still be proxied by your own interfaces or abstractions, so they can be easily replaced by your own implementation if need be.

In the mean time, you’ll be able to add useful functionality to the UI at a quick phase, meaning you’ll get more feedback on the usability, and again be able to react faster than with custom development.

Once the UI converges to a point where (let’s say) 80% of all UI changes can be solved with reusing adopted components, and you want your own UI framework: things will be very clear by then and the roadmap will also be a piece of cake.

**: unless you’re reusing your custom UI framework for other projects, I think it shouldn’t be a priority to stick to it.

I’m sorry if I missed the use of a certain UI component framework in the code. Before writing this feedback I only quickly inspected packages.json and skimmed the rendered DOM tree of a page with a table.