Text and textarea fields are imported as text 'true' instead of '1' during a JSON import of objects

Hello together,

maybe you could help me.

My example scenario relates to the following json:

JSON sample on a Object of a type named “Example”:

    "active": true,
    "type_label": "Example",
    "fields": [
        "name": "i am a text field or a text area",
        "value": "1"

Here’s the scenario:

  • I am on the screen for importing an object.
  • I select the format “JSON” and enter my sample JSON file as “File”. I then click on “Next step”
  • The fields “Indent” and “Encoding” are not changed and I click on “Next step”.
  • I select the type “Example” and click on “Next step”.
  • The fields “Start element” and “Max element” as well as “Overwrite Public ID” are not changed and I click on “Next step”
  • Then I click on the button “Start import”. The message “Import success!”
  • I click on the button “view list” and open the data set I have just imported.
  • The field with the specification “1” is now displayed with “true”. Here I expect a “1” and not “true”.

Since an incorrect value is imported here, it is recommed if this bug fix is corrected promptly.

FYI: I’m using the Docker image of the “nethinks/datagerry:latest” - pull just made today.

Thank you very much in advance!

Can any of you give me some quick feedback on how or when this bug is being dealt with? That would be awesome :slight_smile:

Hi @Jennifer ,

has been fixed with version 1.5.3.
With best regards

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It works perfekt, thank you very much for these bugfix :slight_smile: