Summaries for reference object in object type

i check in version 1.6.1 and 1.6.2 and don’t work
i have list object:

next i change summaries for flagship company and backup company in object type:
before change:

after change:

and before change:

after change:

and save changes for object type:

Next i look for list of objects:

And i see only first value in Backup company but i choose 2 values

Hello @marcinw,

thank you for your feedback. There seem to be problems when two references are created in one selction. We need to take a closer look at this.

With kind regards

Hello @sergej.dumler,
Next what i saw and its a problem in Summary:

even thought i don’t mark Label for summary i got it


and in objects list

and from object view

another thing is the order of the fields in the summary

and from objects list i see:

and from object view

So the correct order set by the user is not taken into account

Please fix both errors because they are important

Hello @sergej.dumler

I think I know the reason for the first point from my post above.

it work only for first reference field in type of object.

i have 2 different reference fields: Flagship company, Supplier

and for the first field in the order in the object type it works (Flagship company), and for the second field in the order and further (Supplier) the setting Label

or next position (field) in summary

when i unseted or other type of object I did not setfirst reference field but set some next, Summary don’t show as i want

What do You think?
Can you fix it?

in version 1.6.3 for first look it work now
in the course of further verification, it will come out whether everything works as planned