Selecting different radio fields with the same values is not possible

Hello together,

i got the following problem:


  • I created a type called “Example”
  • There are 2 radio fields defined in it:
    The first radio field has the name “my-radio-field-1”.
    The second radio field has the name “my-radio-field-2”.
  • Both radio fields have the following options:
  1. “Label”: “Yes” + “Value”: “Yes”
  2. “Label”: “No” + “Value”: “No”
  • Then I navigate to the Object Type List “Example”
  • I click on the button “+ Add”
  • Then I click on “Yes” for the radio field “my-radio-field-1”
  • Then I click on “No” for the radio field “my-radio-field-2”

I would expect the first radio to keep the value “Yes” and the second radio to be set to “No”.
The error is that the value of the first radio field changes to “No” and the second radio does not change.

Since both radios have a unique name, I claim that this is an error.

I would be very happy if the bug is fixed.

Thank you very much in advance!

FYI: I’m using the Docker image of the “nethinks/datagerry:latest” - pull just made today.