Section Reference - can't search by word

i get new version Datagerry 1.6.1 and created section reference.
In edit object i can’t can’t search by word in that field.
It should be work i don’t use public id (it is only number) but names this object which i want fill in this field i remember and i will be much easier if will be work.
Now i have to line by line to find what i need. If I had several hundred objects, I would search for a long time, or I have to learn their digital equivalents (public ID) by heart. This is not a good solution.
Please enable text search in this section reference

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Hello @marcinw ,

thank you for the hint. The behavior has already been fixed and will be delivered with the bugfix release 1.6.2.

With kind regards

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in version 1.6.3 it work :slight_smile: