Searching the object type by date impossible

Hi @mbatz,
Today i needed searching by date and it is possible
I see list

and i try write 2020 to search and nothing i found but every task to do have this date

Could You fix it?

An additional matter
Date is in other format when i display it in list of object and different when i edit object
Could You tell me why?
Could You tell me how could i search text and text in search because it is important because when you searching some text you will get a lot of results and you need to limit it and want to search for two different words from different columns / fields.
Is it possible? How it possible?
With this problem is related this topic

Searching by date still don’t work in version 1.2.2

Hello @mbatz ,
I checked again in the latest version 1.2.3 and the search engine from the list of objects still does not work.
but the strange thing is that when I’m in the details of the object, the same search engine correctly finds the date I’m looking for
as bellow:

Could You check it new version?

in version 1.6.1 still can’t search by date

Hello @marcinw,

The search for a date field should work in release 1.6.2.
There is only one special feature, see link:

Hello @sergej.dumler

Yes i checked and it work
but it search also in creation time/ modification time and not only my fields :slight_smile:

it is good but could You think about some button or any mechanism:

  • search date only in fields in objects
  • serachc date in fields in objects with creation time, modification time
  • search date only in creation time/ modification time objects

maybe some idea like in this topic:

and task in jira:

What do You think?

Yes, we still have that in the backlog. Unfortunately, I can’t say when we will tackle it.

It would be very good if it could be dealt with fairly quickly :slight_smile:

I think it work in version 1.6.3