Rights for view

I have user which have only right to view.
i have view list objects. when i click image “eye” on right opening preview about this object
but if i clicked next image “notes with pencil” in list objects i see only white page.
Maybe it will be see only one image (eye) if i’m viewer or maybe when i click i should see some communicate example: “Operation not allowed for your user”
if i clicked in a list objects image “bin” i see commucate: “Are you sure you want to delete this Object?”
with 2 options Cancel and Delete.
when i clicked Delete i see error code HTTP 403:

I think that it shouldn’t see this image “bin” or when i try click i should be the same communicate as when I proposed a message for editing object : “Operation not allowed for your user”

My rights:

I don’t change my rights there are the same like in this topic.
This rights shouldn’t allow you to change the activation / deactivation of an object and maybe better will don’t see this slider. becouse after move slider to other side i see error code 403

Hi @marcinw,

thanks for your bug report. The icons in the object table and the slider should be hidden, if a user has not sufficient rights for that actions as we also hide all other menu items, where a user has not sufficient rights. I opened an issue for that:

  • [NET-391] - Object tables shows action icons for operations that are not permitted

At the moment, our development team checks, how complex a bugfix will be for that and we see, if we can fix that within the current Sprint. I’ll get back to you with more informations soon.

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Hi @marcinw,

today we made a bugfix for that issue. It will be part of our 1.2.0 release, which we will publish at 29th May 2020. If you want to test it before that time, have a look at our development branch (but don’t use that in production :slight_smile: )

Thanks for the information, This is good news.
For now i don’t have any testing environment. I have only one.

I have ask
Can i have 2 instance this app in one server? Is it possible?
i don’t use docker and don’t want it. it is not solution for my needs.
Linux Centos 8

In theory, two instances of DATAGERRY on one machine should be possible, but is untested.

Just use different cmdb.conf config files for the instances and different settings for:

  • Database -> database_name
  • WebServer -> port
  • MessageQueuing -> exchange

I personally would not recommend such a setup, as if you don’t be careful to use different databases for the instances, your database could get corrupted.

Hi @mbatz
Thank You for your response. Some day i will try that and check how it work when 2 different instances exists on the same server but for now when i develop asset manager and it is in early phase. i a litle afraid that i break my conception;)