References - future ideas

Hi @mbatz,
First, I hope you are not angry, I write so many new tasks :smile:

I have two issues:
Could You think about “Reference by” report from object:
i think about it:

mayby to csv or xlsx

Could You think about solution for iformation about field which i use reference. I will try explain:
I have reference field in object :

and in this field have information about its name (text field) (i see this name) and virtualization (reference field) (i see only ciphers - but i thinks i should see its name)

When i export to csv when i have reference field i see only numbers but i think that i should see its name:

Sometimes in reference field it should be possibility choose more then one references object
for my case:
I created object type “People” and object type “Type of work”
and i need to object in type “Type of work” should have field “who is work” (reference field).
When one people delegate for works is very good (1:1)
Sometimes i need delegate more then one people to work and then i need in this field (reference field) more then one people choose ( 1: for many)
I hope you understand what i meen :wink:

Hello @mbatz,
About reference:
I don’t know if it is possible or not, but I think that when you have a field defined as in my example:
Flagship company and Beckup company

For me as a user it does not matter from what type of object I take and what is its number but the logo can be visible.
For me and a few people I talked to important is only values ​​/ information / data about this object.
So if it possible we suggest changing the current display form to the one shown as on the screen below because it is definitely clearer and more visible. And this change should be everwhere in “datagerry”.
I show You how it will be great.

Related to the way references are displayed but it is similar to 5
Still is suggestions
in part “Referenced by” when you watch some object You see information like this:
it is duplicate the same information in 2 places (Type and Summary) it is unnecessary
Maybe #* should stay because the structure or functionality of the program is based on this but showing name of type don’t need it
I show what is a type in column Type and it is great but it is unnecessary in Summary columne again only information about object.

The same is in fields of references You don’t need it because your name field clearly defined which type you use it and you need inside only information about object which you assign/ choose