Quick search in list of objects

I have an idea that it could be more or less like now there is a “quick search” inside the list of objects to create something like filtering in the field after the entered text (be it a full word or fragment or a letter-word scheme).
The current solution “quick search” image searches for text after all the fragment entered in each field, and sometimes you need to search in a specific field.
this could be done in 2 ways:

  1. as an “advanced search” extension for “quick search” where you could choose the field in which to search for text
  2. as a filter option in every field, but it is not very convenient, because only those fields that are visible could be searched
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About point 2.
if I thought about it for a long time, I think that this is a very good idea
i have many employees in company
and i create type “training” which have fields:

empoyee                    (field select drop down list) about 30 empoyees
team                       (field select drop down list) about 4 teams
name training              (field text)
type of training           (field select drop down list):  specialized training     soft training    industry training    conferences
plan date                  (field date)
status                     (field checkbox)
date of implementation     (field date)
Cost                       (field text)

Now i import about 200-250 objects to this type
and now i have problem with searching what i need

If i know name training it is simple to search what i need
If i don’t know name training i have some problems
i search some name and surname employee but it have 40 training i can’t restrict search results after a different column / field (type of training)
the same is when i search type of training example “specialized training” i have 170 results
the search does not work, but I wrote about it in another topic [this](http://Searching the object type by date impossible)

maybe it could be functional like in excel?
it could be working filter and search exactly in field. maybe it coulde be view

when you click this button (my idea) image
then a small window would open or a menu like this would look something like this image
and you could search and could use like a filter for exactly this field and each field separately

What do You think @mbatz?

Could You think about advanced/ extended search like me idea?

Hi @marcinw,
I personally like the idea very much. I added it to our backlog, but I can’t promise when we will be able to include this feature in a sprint.

Hi @anon3483405
Thank You addressing this topic in your backlog :slight_smile:

When it will be implemented?

Hi @sergej.dumler
I am reminded of the topic :slight_smile:

Hi @sergej.dumler
I am reminded of the topic :slight_smile:

Hi @marcinw,

This function is currently in the test phase and will be delivered with version 1.7.0.


great :slight_smile:
I look forward to working on production :slight_smile:

When can the new version be expected?

Next major release is 15/10/21

This functionality is great :slight_smile: Like in excel :slight_smile: