Problems with CSV import in 1.6.2

Hello, i´ve installed DATAGERRY in the version 1.6.2 to test it in our environment. The look and the handling on the frontend is easy and good to understand but if i want to import a csv of our inventory i got the step where i have to choose the file and after that also the step to choose the delimiter, quote char and so on. With the klick on “Next Step” i got following screen and have to reload the page to reconnect with DATAGERRY.

I´ve tried the same with a fresh export csv from a single object where i´ve updated the public id. In that case i can run through the whole import dialog but if i klick on the “Start import”-Button, nothing happens. I only can see the DATAGERRY logo for a second in the middle of the screen.

Maybe someone else have similar problems or have an idea what i´m doing wrong.

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At first glance I would say that the CSV could not be parsed properly. Can you upload both CSV files?

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thank you for the fast answer.

I´ve shortened the file a bit and than i noticed some umlauts in file. So if i change that the first problem with the reconnect isn´t there anymore but after the klick on the “Start import” Button it is still the same.

Link to the files:

Hello @stbr,

Have you created the files yourself or exported and edited existing objects. There is something wrong with the separation options (Delimiter, Quote Char etc.).

Try exporting the objects from DATAGERRY and editing them afterwards.

Hello @sergej.dumler,

i´ve done it with an exported file witch i´ve edited. But you´ve rigth, there was a problem with the Quote Char in the CSV-File. Now after editing my file the import works. I was a bit confused because there are now error messages or something like that.

Many Thanks for your advice and the fast help.

You’re welcome! Then I close the topic.