Problem with saving changes in object

I found some bug
when i edit object and set some values i can’t save changes until i scroll to the top of the website.
i change some value → next i try save

→ i have to move to the of the website
→ and click again save

in new version 1.6.6

still if i have an object with multiple fields and i need to edit the field at the bottom of the page

i still if i want save have to click once:

after clicked i see and nothing more

next i have to scroll up to the top of the page (and i see again that i can click button save)

and i have to again click it to saved changes in object
and only at this point is the saving successful

In version 1.6.7 from tar.gz still not working good
i have object in which if i want edit o have to scroll down.

if i edit field on the under

button “Save” is in center of page
next i want to change field “Second name” and click button “Save”

and click button “Save”

but i’m still in editor, changes not save, button is not clickable and grayed

    if i will go out from edit in this moment this changes not saved.

when i scrol to the tob of object i see again that button “Save” is clickable

when i click in this moment button “Save” changes in object saving

what i saw also.
Before few version when click edit and nothing change in object button Save was grayed, now i can save.
This is wired also.

Please repair it fast.