Problem with edit/create objects

Hi @mbatz,

I came across an error after uploading a new version
when i try create some new object anyone type i have something like this:

  1. are a fields references objects
  2. is a select field

something went wrong in app

Please fix it :slight_smile:

We have exactly the same error in our deployment. So it is not a unique problem. We use a docker installation.

Hi @marcinw and @tim.heidemann

thanks for reporting that issues. Bugfixes for theses issues are finished and a bugfix release will follow in the next minutes.

Hello mbatz, thank you very much for the fast bugfix.
We still have the cosmetic bug that the font in the “select field” is not as thick and black as in the other fields.

Thanks a lot for fix bugs

Hi @tim.heidemann,

we also fixed the cosmetic bug in the select field on the object view page. The fix will be available in the 1.2.2 bugfix release, which we’ll plan for tomorrow.

Now is working good.