Problem with Date Field in 1.2.1

Since version 1.2 I have the problem that I cannot type in the date into a date field directly. I have to use the calender pop-up. But if I use the calender pop-up the selectable date is limited. Only If I choose a date and open the calender pop-up again I can choose a actual date.


As you can see, I cannot choose a date after year 2011…

I have the same bug if I don’t specify a date as the default date in this field
and yet, even if I complete the default vortex in the pencil button, I have a balloon undefined

i can confirm this also in our installation, is is not possible tp type in any wanted date string.

Waorkaround is selecting a random date and edit it afterwards.

Hi @tim.heidemann,

thanks for reporting that issue. We created a bugfix, that allows manual user input in date fields again. The fix will be included in the next bugfix release, which we’ll plan for the end of that week. If you don’t want to wait for that, checkout the version-1.2 branch (Docker tag branches_version-1.2).

@andsch I updated your installation :smiley:

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now (in version 1.2.2) is bug when you once filling field default date in object type you can’t remove after default date. This field is grayed out.
maybe create some button X - clean the filed content

Filling the date field in object edit is already ok when the default date is not set or when it is set

Hi @marcinw,

thanks for reporting that. We added an additional button to clean default values. The fix will be available in our next bugfix release 1.2.3, which we’ll plan for the end of this week.

Now i see button to erase default value in type edit and it works good