Printing information about object from object view along with the objects assigned to it to pdf

I think there should be functionality in datagerry that would work the principle of functionality page printing in browser.
Every browser has other printing:
Firefox - don’t work - printing only first page
IE - don’t work,
Edge - not bad,
Chrome - best

Curently limit printing in Edge or Chrome (which work) is how much number of referenced objects displayed you could show (max is 100) so if i have example 300 referenced objects to this object i have to 3 times print pdf

Very much better would be if you create button ( example “Print infomration”) when you are in view object that you could print information in pdf format something like in chrome:
use shourcut (ctrl +p) or clicked right mouse button and choose Print…

It would be a great solution, functionality and utility for Datagerry.

Printing in Chrome works best among other browsers in the Datagerry app because:

  1. don’t showing left menu (in other browsers show left menu unnecessary)
  2. it is converted into a recognizable text so that you can later search by text (document is OCR)

What can correct in browser / Unnecessary:
3. Limit in every browser is a like i wrote up number of referenced objects displayed which you can choose
4. Right panel is unneccessary too when print to pdf

What can correct in app if create this functional “Print to PDF”

  1. Don’t show left menu
  2. Converted to pdf with ocr
  3. Printing every referenced objects to object from object which you Print with information about this object
  4. Don’t show right Panel


**I think that it should exists button which could create pdf for object with all assigned to this object objects"" or extend the number of rows displayed on the page to all objects in this list
But much more good is solution with print in application more usefule which increases the quality of the application and its usability and the possibilities of working with the application for many different people.

Hi @marcinw,

thanks for your feature request. Can you please have a look at our upcoming feature DocAPI (scheduled for 1.3.0) and share your thoughts about it. Does it solve your printing problem, or do you think optimizing the object view page for printing still would be nice.

Hi @mbatz,
I have read exactly this new functionality and what I need to do is slightly different, because from the level of one object I want to print full information about it, but also all the objects that have been assigned to it (the Referenced by tab). currently the biggest blocker of this is the display limit.
Your new DocAPI solution is different, i.e. for one type of object, you can extract the fields you want for the pdf report on the given objects.

After looking at the proposed solution, I found that optimizing the print object view page would still be very good news for me.

Hi @mbatz,
What do You think?
with release 1.3, are you able to add the ability to view the results on page 250 and all but the ones that already exist (10,25,50,100)?

Hi @marcinw,

for version 1.3, we don’t want to make changes anymore, but I can imagine to add a 250 option for the next release. An “all” option will be dangerous, as we designed DATAGERRY for a big amount of data (which could be millions of objects) and loading that data into a table could take a lot of time.

Hi @mbatz,
i understand so if you don’t want all maybe you could think about 500 and 1000 not more.

Hi @mbatz,
Could You think and add these two values (500, 1000) at the next deployment?

Hi @marcinw,

yes we’ll add additional values to the menu, I guess 250 and 500 and maybe 1000. I’m in discussion with the team about performance topics. Currently we are working on a story, to store the user settings of an object table (e.g. number of rows, and columns) and restore that settings of a user comes back. We track that in NET-412

it will be great if it will be in use already, I look to this NET-412 i this value 1000 will be use mostly in my case when someone from my team needs print information like documentation.

Additional much people tells that this functional is needed which will be stored information about number of rows, which columns they want to display for themselves because actually they have to every time they go back to the page or go back to the list of objects and set up what they need again so it will be greate if it will be in use already.

Hello @mbatz,
I check new version (v1.4.3) and i can choose from object list from these values:
but from object view still only from these values:
Could You check it?