Objects list view - reference fields

In latest time you change view from tab “Referenced by” and it looks good. Type i see in other column so form me is a good solution.
In that place i see only Summary and it is great.

Could You change the same in objects list view and in object view in 2 places?
Now unfortunately you can see all the information in the field (column).
see in column Flagship company:
Type, Public ID, and Summary.

Is it possible change like in tab “Referenced by” in object view and see only Summary what is underlined with a blue pen on screenshots?
I think information such as from could be displayed when hovering over a field in a balloon when you hover over the field with the mouse or in preview.

The most is change see only Summary without Type and Public ID in objects list view and in object view

Hello @marcinw ,

for release 1.6 (30.04.2021) new functions for the display of ‘Summaries’ will be provided.


Hello @sergej.dumler
Thank You for information and I’m looking forward to the new version :slight_smile: