Object name disappeared from assignment - Important

After update to new version i don’t see from object view in tab Referenced by name of object. What happend?
Now nobody knows what objects refer to a given object. Now i only see fields: Active, Public ID which is unnecessary, type and create time which is unnecessary also and “eye” to view object.

We need more information in that tab about object like its name.

Please Fix it as it was in the earlier version. This is important for us.

Hello @marcinw
We have already corrected that. The fix is in the Bugfix - Release 1.5.1.

Hello @sergej.dumler
Good, when the new version will be released?

Ahh and where is quick search which was there before update to 1.5.0

Please restore this function as well

Hello @sergej.dumler ,
Still i don’t see i Searching and object Names in version 1.5.1

Searching and names in the Referenced tab from the object preview are very important for my team.

Please fix this very fast.

For technical reasons, the tables had to be changed to DATAGERRY. Due to these technical changes, the filter function for the table under ‘Reference by’ had to be removed. The implementation of the filter function has been planned for Release 1.6.


Ok so filter will be when will the update to 1.6 be released and when will the names be visible?
Because in 1.5.1 you still can’t see them

Filter i saw that show again with Release 1.6
When name show again in tab Referenced by? in release 1.5.1 there are no names.
Please fill the date.
We need these functions there

Hello @marcinw ,

we are planning a bugfix release end of next week. (1.5.2)

Hi @sergej.dumler,
Thank You for the information.

in new version i still don’t see Search
please bring it back