Many tabs on top right side

Recently watching that admins in datagerry add still new tabs on top right corner in menu like ( DocAPI or Feedback or Task Management ) and i think that we should help theim how it should be arranged more ergonomically to make the system serve and operate better and more conveniently
I would like to vote with you on whether or not you thinking similiar like me or not like i that there are too much
From my point of view, it becomes problematic to navigate through them and what information is there.
I would like if any of you have a similar or different opinion and vote or think that there are too many tabs, is ok or not enough (I am writing about a situation where we have a full administrator)

For me these is too much.
I think that number of tabs should be 4-5
I think it could be merge some existing bookmarks:
DocAPI with Task Management in one tab
Feedback go to Help tab
Profile go to System and User Management
File Manager and Logs go to Framework
Import/ Eksport Types and Import / Export Objects to Framework
But it is only my opinion.

Please vote everyone and comment this topic as well, maybe thanks to this we will help to arrange it more ergonomically for users

Number of tabs on top right corner
  • Too many tabs. Something to should change
  • I want to add tabs
  • Is ok

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Nevertheless, although I have mixed feelings about the increasing number of tabs on the menu, the datagerry development team does a great job of creating this software.
And applaud them for that