Logs don't show log in ldap users

After update new version
mongodb to version 4.2.8-1
rabbitmq-server to version 3.8.5-1

in log don’t see information about log in ldap users
log only show local users when they log in

Maybe something you should fix in app to show that information.

Maybe by the way it should be in the application that the user is logged in.
In User list could show status offline / online users
colored circles if are logged - green, not logged - gray or nothing

Version 1.3.1
Still don’t showing information about log in ldap users.
Logs display only information when local user log in and when is first try log in/ create profile ldap user.
Nothing more about sessions
Can you do anything about it?

Hello @mbatz,
I checked sometnig:
If i set on debug for running instance i see information about log in ldap user but it is is information DEBUG.
If i have running instance like a production mode without parameter -d doesn’t see when ldap user successful log in.

Only see if is not successful but i don’t know which login try log in :
[2020-11-04 10:25:00][ERROR ] — [LdapAuthenticationProvider] User auth result: automatic bind not successful - invalidCredentials (external_providers.py)
[2020-11-04 10:25:00][ERROR ] — [LOGIN] User could not login: (‘LdapAuthenticationProvider’, LDAPBindError(‘automatic bind not successful - invalidCredentials’,)) (init.py)

Maybe you could change this information from the level of DEBUG login to INFO when the user has successfully logged in, or you could create separate information about the successful login of the ldap user at the INFO login level similar to the attempt of a successful login of a local user
[2020-11-02 06:13:45][INFO ] — [LocalAuthenticationProvider] Try login for user USER (internal_providers.py)