Left menu more visible division category -> subcategory

Version 1.1.1
Database Version 20200226

I think that in left menu should be more visible division category -> subcategory. Now is not visible in left menu.
Maybe it should be visible like a tree or only some paragraph for the subcategory
I hope you will answer :slight_smile:


I think this would be a very good idea. Maybe in form of an archive-structure where the archives could be defined as needed.
E.g Company A as one root archive defined having e.g sub-archives computer with sub-archives components etc. A Company B as another root archive having sub-archives laptops, docking-station etc.
These archives could be defined having security restrictions, meaning only user A could add items where user B could only view them and user C can’t see them at all.

- Company A
      |_ Computer
      |        |_ Deliverynote (pdf or tiff or just a binary content)
      |        |_Components
      |              |_ Graphic card
      |              |_ CPU
      |              |_ Operationsystem
      |_ Another sub-archive

this should be contained in an administrative-area where only users defined by security-restrictions could log in.

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Hi @marcinw

and welcome to our community! Yes, I see, it is hard to see the hierarchy of categories in the menu. I opened an issue for that, where you can track our work:

  • [NET-390] Make subcategories in menu more visible

This has a good chance to make it in our next release 1.2.0, which we will publish at 29th May 2020. I’ll get back to you, if we have some news on that topic.

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thank you for hearing my suggestion and opinions :slight_smile:

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Hello @marcinw,

good news for that. We currently make some work on the menu, to make subcategories more visible. Please have a look at our current draft:

What do you think?

Hey @mbatz,
I think it looks much better. Categories and types are nicely distinguished but personally I had to look longer to notice that the network is a sub-category.
I think that a great will be something like that
Types in subcategories should have a larger indentation - move it more on the right the same like in categories because in your don’t have the same paragraph
in my images which i show you i move it that i think it should
and next to better view could be that. on this picture i wanted show you 2 ways. (line and the dotted line)
next way is just such a dash

and what do You think @mbatz?
ofcourse this is only my personally sugestion

which way You it will be great but for the best is the doted line because it is a delicate and not too strong but well pointing

or maybe if you use this marker image or this image or this image
maybe don’t need that big paragraph and can be smaller and spacing between icons and name Types smaller too exaple like this:

but these are just my suggestions. And so I think that what you presented causes that you can see categories / subcategories / types much better.

We did some finetuning on the alignment of the main menu and sub menu points. This is our final solution for 1.2.0:

Hope, you like it and thanks a lot for your suggestions :slight_smile:

Thanks for heard my suggestion
I think that is great and it is very much better then first presentation method :smile:
Thanks, it will facilitate the management of types and subcategories

I’m looking forward to the new version

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