LDAP Authentication Issues

Hi all

After migrating to version 1.4.1 it seams that LDAP authenticated users can successfully authenticate and are attached with the “administrator” privilege, however trying to move them to another group is broken.

Once the save button is pressed a HTTP 400 error is returned as shown below:
{description: "The browser (or proxy) sent a request that this server could not understand.",…} description: "The browser (or proxy) sent a request that this server could not understand." joke: "... cause the access was nuts!" message: {validation_error: {registration_time: ["must be of string type"]}} validation_error: {registration_time: ["must be of string type"]} registration_time: ["must be of string type"] 0: "must be of string type" response: "Bad Request: https://datagerry.local.prv/rest/users/7" status: 400

Can this be replicated on other deployments as well, or is this relative to my installation?

Thank you
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Konstantinos Betsis

Hi @kbetsis,

thanks for reporting that issue, which we could identify as a bug. We’ll track that in NET-714 and are currently working on a bugfix for version 1.4.2. I guess, we’ll publish 1.4.2 today in the evening or tomorrow. Thanks again for reporting.

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Hi @kbetsis,

yesterday we published version 1.4.2 which should fix the issue.

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Hi @mbatz

Thanks for the quick response.
We installed it and it works as expected.

Do you have any idea when the LDAP group functionality mapping will be implemented?

We have started using it and the remote group mapping would offload a lot of the user on-boarding process.

Hi @kbetsis,

the LDAP group mapping is currently scheduled for version 1.5, which we will release at Feb 5th 2020. It is tracked in NET-575.