It is possible to link an object to itself, with error 400!

Hi there,

it is possible to select an object ID as a Connection/Link within itself. The GUI shows a green Checkmark in the Object selection dialogue. But after transmitting the form data the backend API is firing Error400!

Http failure response for http://localhost:4000/rest/object/link/: 400 BAD REQUEST

I’d like to suggest a tiny little UI enhancement here:
I would be nice if the GUI could stay in tab “Connection/Link” after creating a Link. Currently the tab “Referenced by” is automatically selected after a Link has been created (same view as after opening the view of an object) So the user has no direct feedback if the process was successful

A little correction here.
After creating a “Connection/Link” the focus stays on the correct tab, but the newly created Link is not displayer. After reloading the Browser the focus jumps to Tab “Referenced by”.

Hi @andsch,

welcome to our community and thanks for reporting that issue. I created two issues in our bug reporting tool, which you can find here:

  • [NET-258] Object Links: adding/deleting a link does not refresh the view in the UI
  • [NET-259] Object Links: adding a link to itself creates HTTP/400 in UI

You can follow our work there, but I get back to you in that thread after we created a fix.

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Thanks for creating this issues, i’m looking forward for a fix :slight_smile: <-- just for the badge.

Hi @andsch,

we fixed the two bugs you reported. The fixes are included in version 1.0.2, which we released a few minutes ago. Thanks for your report and keep on enjoying DATAGERRY :slight_smile:

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