How we develop DATAGERRY

Just want to give you a little introduction of how we develop DATAGERRY.

We organize our software development with Scrum, a lightweight and very easy-to-use framework, which is described in detail on only 19 pages in the the official Scrum Guide. We work in Sprints, which is a time period of 4 weeks in our case. At the beginning of a Sprint, our development team and product management defines in a Sprint Planing on which features we will work on during that time. At the end of a Sprint, our development presents the new developed features. After that, the next Sprint begins. Of course we have a long-lasting roadmap in our mind, but we only do a hard planing for the next 4 weeks and can change the long-lasting roadmap any time.

Git repository
We host our source code in a Git repository on GitHub. For our development, we primary use the development branch of the repository. At the end of every Sprint, we’ll merge the development branch into the master branch. To prepare our releases, we use the version-* branches.

So, if you want to test the latest features, that are not released yet, you can have a look at the master branch (which will be updated after each Sprint every 4 weeks) or the development branch (which will be updated daily to more times a day). Please keep in mind, that the software of these two branches can break anytime (mostly in the development branch) and should be used for testing purposes only. For your production environment, please only use released version (unless you know what you are doing :slight_smile: )

After each commit to the Git repository, we run an automation (continuous integration) that builds and publishes the software (binary, rpm file, tar.gz file), documentation and Docker images - not only for released versions - but also for every branch. You can find them on:

We plan to do major releases, which contains new features twice a year (mostly in May and November). For the first time maybe more often.

Bugfix releases (which contains only fixes for problems and no new features) will be released shortly after critical bugs.

Any Questions?
Hope, that was interesting for you? If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know. I’ll keep you updated the next days with some details about our current work.

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good job to everyone!

Hi Michael
what about a “feedback and additional idea” phase for the community on your Sprint Planning before you start your sprint? My intention is to help developers understand users needs, focus and future ideas on a topic before develop a solution. Suggesting you will be closer to the needs?
kind regards

Hi Joachim,

this is a nice idea. It would be interesting to get some feedback on some topics of our roadmap from the community. Maybe this is interesting for bigger topics, we call “Epics” which could be part of multiple Sprints. I think about the next topic to share and get back to you.

Best regards

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