Help in setting up filters on ExternalSystemCsv

Hello Everyone! :smiley:
Today i was testing the ExternalSystemCsv capabilities and it works great.
The only problem occurred is that i have a “Type” called “Linux server” and in this type i have IP address belonging to multiple subnets… some starts with 10.4.. others with 10.20.. and so on…


Now i would be interested in filtering (for that type) only network addresses starting with 10.4.

Everything esle works great but i can’t solve this, is there any “jolly character”?
beacuse leaving it blank doesn’t work and also using * doesn’t work too…
Thanks in advance for your help!

Hello @Marco,

currently regex statements are not supported in this place.

We have created a process for this.

Thank you for your suggestion.

Hello @Marco,

the release will solve your problem.

Best regards

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