Groupmapping for LDAP with Active Directory


I tried to activate the group mapping feature with our testsystem on a test environment for active directory. As AD shows the members of the group as DN entries rather than the uid (sAMAccountname), I could not get the mapping working.

Is there a known way to get the group mapping working with AD? Is there anything I have to change?

Datagerry Options:

Export from Directory Studio for the match group:

Thank you in advance!

Hello @lyonthedragon,

It should look like this:

DOC: 8. Authentication — DATAGERRY 1.6.7 documentation


I tried to get the group mapping working with the provided settings but it had no effect. I know that there is a logfile for the ldap auth but I can not find it. Can you please give me the path as I am not able to find it in the documentation?

Thank you again in advance