File Manager/Explorer

I want to ask? Maybe someone know.
How could i get information which file from those already in the program has been assigned to which object?

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Hello @marcinw ,

to get an overview of which files are attached to which objects, you must currently select the desired file in the File Expolorer and click on the i-symbol in the upper right corner. Here the meta data is displayed.
I hope that this answers the question.

Yes thank You @sergej.dumler :),
right i didn’t see this and this possibility immediately.
this is what i need :slight_smile:

in only my app when i click this link don’t work and get

workaround is copy public id and paste in search bar -> choose Public ID options ang result :slight_smile:

Hi @marcinw,

Thanks for the hint. Fixed with NET-796.

Hi @sergej.dumler
My pleasure.