Exportd - something weird with condition

Now i try create some exportd with condition so i clicked button image
next and I filled out the information
and clicked image
next i fill out the information

and i can’t choos any conditions

looks like the list is empty but this type have fields

so that it was stranger the first time I created another exportd earlier I could choose a condition from the list of fields that it has, and now as I entered the editiond exportd I can no longer see the selected field, but only the value that I filled in by typing in the field
it looks like this

i don’t changed anything from last update

I use 2 apps in version 1.2.3 and this bug exists on every from there
Could You fix this bug @mbatz?

Hi @marcinw,

thanks for reporting that issue. I for myself ran into it, during the preparing of a presentation :slight_smile: We opened [NET-448] to track that issue. The problem appears, if you add new object types or edit existing ones and switch to the ExportdUI after that. The Exportd UI has not loaded the new object fields. As a workaround, you can reload the page in your browser, until we fixed it (I guess this will make it into the 1.3 release).

Hi @mbatz,
Good news i will wait :slight_smile:
for now, I will use your workaround.