Exportd - improvement in the tab "DESTINATIONS" for ExternalSystemCsv

I thinking about improvement in the tab “DESTINATIONS” when creates new/ change exists exportd job for ExternalSystemCsv.

I think it will be great if you copy part functionalityof DocAPI. I exactly mean: image and used it in tab “DESTINATIONS” in Exportd

that would make it easier to work with creating exports.
I know that is simple to used when you want to export for one type


I think when you would export from 2 types or more 2 or more boxes Default Value could appear like this:

From me side i know the most common exportd job wants from one type maybe 2 types. Once i want to use it for 4-5 types in one job.
That is why I think that such an amount of Default value should not be a problem if there are more types, and it would certainly facilitate the work of functionalities in which you can expand from the menu what exactly is expected, rather than checking and learning what the names of the fields are and how to use them for jobs in exportd for ExternalSystemCsv.

What do You think?

Hello @marcinw!
We have thought about this topic for a while now and i am pleased to inform you that development on this feature has started a few days ago!
It is currently set to look something like this:

When exporting from 2 or more types we made the option to insert a value from either one of those types:

We also made this feature available for the templates based on what type was selected:

This feature will be included in the 1.4.0 release of DATAGERRY.

Hi @doblanken,
First thank You for respond.
It will be very good :slight_smile: