Error code 404 in reference of object

Today i saw and discover one small bug which ends ends error code http 404.
Path to reproduce the error:

  1. You have to open category
  2. Open Type with list of objects
  3. View object (click on eye on right side page any object)
  4. If You are inside object go it down page
  5. Now You see :
  • Referenced by
  • Logs
  • Connections/Links
  1. You have to be in tab Reference and You must have some Reference objects

Now if You click in any type which is in color red (for examlpe in my case “Klaster” or “Serwer fizyczny” or “Serwer wirtualny”

You get in all cases the same information:

I think the best will be if this link should go to all list of objects in this type, which you choose (click).

Best regards

Hi @marcinw,

thanks for reporting this bug. A few minutes ago, I fixed it. It will be part of our 1.2.0 release (which we will release at 29th May 2020) or the next bugfix release 1.1.3, which is not scheduled yet, but will be published, if we have a few more (critical) bugs.

Understood :slight_smile:
i will wait, it is not too much cumbersome

Hi @mbatz
I checked just now and it works correctly

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