Enhancement request for reference drop-down list

Dear all

Please consider the creation of an option to reference an object through the linking of a reference child objects.

For example there could be an asset which will need to reference a location.
Rather than entering the location manually the parent reference could be a region e.g. EU and the location would be the children of this reference e.g. Germany, Italy, France, etc

A limit of 2 or 3 child references would be the best way forward in most situations.

Thank you
Best Regards
Konstantinos Betsis

The creation of references between objects is managed in the type generator.


To do this, you must drag the corresponding fields into the configuration in the Type Generator under the tab ‘Basic Information’. You will find the reference fields under the item ‘Special Controls’.

Best Regards
Sergej Dumler

Hi @sergej.dumler

The request is more in terms of parent child references.
So ideally we would have two types:
a. Region
b. Country

When we create an object we would like to reference countries depending on the region.
So when EU is selected only countries within the EU will be available for selection.

In the current format a user will have to select the region e.g. EU, and then the country regardless of the region, which will be a huge drop down.

The only way we have found to accelerate this is by typing the EY object ID as to return only objects with a parent that region.

A more integrated reference model will greatly enhance user experience.