Duplicate information in the program

Hello @mbatz,
I would like to take up the subject of duplicate information in the program.

I think that if you have a reference field, it’s always the name that exactly matches what type you want to use.
In my example:
Flagship company and Beckup company still inform that i need in this field use company like bellow:

For me as a user it does not matter from what type of object I take and what is its number but for me as user important is name and object summary which is referenced.
For me and a many people with which i talked to important is only values ​​/ information / data about this object (if program needed it can show type logo and its number also). - (if you needed information about type can show like a bubble and if move the mouse over this field apper that information)
So if it possible we suggest changing the current display form to the one shown as on the screen below because it is definitely clearer and more visible.
This way should be displayed every reference fields in “datagerry”
I show You how it will be great.



in object details:
like as like as respectively as in the ones presented above. I show you one from these for example

Next suggestions is in part “Referenced by” when i watch some object i see information like this:
it is duplicate the same information in 2 places (Type and Summary) it is unnecessary and undesirable
I will focus on the Summary part
Maybe #_number should stay because the structure or functionality of the program is based on this but additional showing name of type is undesirable
I show what is a type for object in column Type and it is great but in Summary column should show only information about object.

Hi @marcinw,

a few weeks ago I had a discussion exactly about this topic with one of my colleagues, who uses our internal DATAGERRY installation at NETHINKS. At the moment I have in mind, to add a summary string setting per object type, where a user can define the string, that represents an object of a specific type, by his/her own. This summary string (if defined) will be shown in the WebUI at each place, where we show the summary fields today (in references, references by tab, …). In this string, object fields, the type, type icon or the public ID can be used as variables.

summary string setting: {{type}}#{{id}} - {{fields['name']}}
concrete object: Company#13 - Example inc.

Hi @mbatz
I think that would be great solution. If somebody would be to change standard Summary he could be freely change according to his own idea how to display a summary of objects of a given type.

Dodatkowo mogłaby się gdzieś niżej w ramach pomocy w karcie Podsumowania pojawiać lista lub tabela z istniejącymi nazwami pól, labelami i odpowiednią formą do wprowadzenia w pole ustawień stringa w danym typie obiektów, by nie trzeba było przeklikiwać się pomiędzy wcześniejszymi oknami w poszukiwaniu nazwy pola i wracać do Summary by to uzupełnić poprawnie

Label name value
Example example [“example”]

Hi @mbatz,
Could you please tell me if or when there is a chance that the functionality you mentioned will be created and released?

Hi @marcinw,

yes, there is a plan to implement this functionality. At the moment, this topic does not have the highest priority at the moment, so it may take some time.

Has some time passed and will this functionality be created? :slight_smile:

Could you think about change which there would be no duplication of information as you wrote?

Hi @marcinw,
References are a big topic with us.
We are currently working on a fundamental conceptual change of the references. These will probably be added to the backlog in the foreseeable future. I’ll let you know as soon as we know more details there.

This is also related to your thread. [Problem search engine and related dependencies - #2 by marcinw]
The search for reference fields is also included in the conception. I’ll keep you up to date on this topic.

Hi @anon3483405
Thank you for reply and addressing with the topic.
I will be waiting impatiently for new information on these threads.