DocAPI problem with more than 3 reference field

Hi @mbatz,
In function DocAPI when i try create template for some object type which has many referenced fields, i can’t move to that objects and its properties.

After 3 referenced fields in object type i can’t open next reference fields and i have much more.

even in this type of objects I have 4 reference fields for the same type of objects (because it is not possible to select more than one object in one reference field, which I wrote about in Field type Reference) and about and i have all these fields filled.
All referenced fields in that type of object i have 15
in other object type i have similar quantity these type of fields
please Fix it

I think, the references which can be followed using the DocAPI is limited to 4 (i guess). We had several discussions about that and for us it was useful to do so. Otherwise you might run into trouble creating infinite recursions.

@mbatz :?

regards, Uwe

Hello @uwe

I think that You mean about how deep you can reach out in one object and its assigned to next referenced object
but for my is important how much fields i can use with mechanism DocAPI from CMDB Data.

Every black rectangles are normal text/ select fields
Every green rectangles are referenced fields
only the first 3 (circled in red) of the green rectangles can be expanded and their fields selected. The others are not.
I wrote about the fact that you could go to each of these fields and select the appropriate field that should appear in pdf.

Hello @marcinw,

Ah, now I do understand. This might be answered by @anon3483405. But there was also a limitation in showing the menu.

regards, Uwe

@marcinw and @uwe

Thanks for the report. I was able to reproduce the behavior. It seems that there is no further expansion after the 3rd reference field. The limitation should actually only apply to the depth of the referencing, but not to the number of elements themselves. Here we clearly have a bug in the logic of button generation in the frontend.

I wrote a bug report for this: NET-509

We are currently in the process of changing the reference fields to allow field references to multiple types NET-377. This should allow us to fix the bug quickly.

Hi @anon3483405 and @uwe
Thanks for fast respond, reproducing the behavior and try to fix :slight_smile:

Please expand a little what’s going on NET-377.
Could You tell me about it. If You end the process of change in NET-377 then i could example :
in one referenced field i will could choose one object from two types which i could declare in type edit and its fields?

I will could choose in one referenced field 2 and more objects from one type as I described such a need in the Field type Reference ?

I do not fully understand the change that you plan to make in [NET-377] ( faster when it is shown on the screen or I can check it myself;)

The goal of NET-337 is to make it possible to select from multiple different types on 1 object reference.
So you can select several types for a reference field definition.

Ahh i understood. Thanks for explanation. @mheumueller
Such a solution should be useful in several cases.

Could You @mheumueller think also about that Field type Reference
I think this is also important and would be very useful to use in many cases and idescribe there simple case for that.
Could You think about that and write your opinion there about Field type Reference?

Hi @marcinw,

we fixed that bug. A fix will be included in our next bugfix release 1.3.1. If you can’t wait for it, just have a look at the version-1.3 branch.

Hi @mbatz,
It’s great news thanks

In version 1.3.1 it works good.

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