DocAPI does not keep the structure of the formatted text

If i have object with Text Area field and i want print information to pdf from doc api my text in field area text is not formated
I have object with that fields:

i have in field Opis neatly typed details
i use in that field enters and tabs between words so that it creates the appropriate information
next i print information with Doc API
and got that:

I think it should transfer the formatting from the object because it is impossible to format it later.

Polish special characters show like a black square.

Can you help with this and make sense for it?

Hi @marcinw,

please excuse my late answer on this. I opened two bugreports for this:

  • [NET-583] DocAPI does not handle line breaks in template variables
  • [NET-522] DocAPI: Special characters are not rendered correctly

While we can fix the linebreak issue quickly within the next bugfix release, the special character issue is tricky. This issue is caused by a bug in the xhtml2pdf library, which is currently open there. A workaround for this is to use an own font for the PDFs. In the xhtml2pdf community the font Roboto “” is recommended. Please have a look at the docs, for some hints, how to use a custom font in the DocAPI.

Hello @mbatz,
Thank you for answering and opening these bugreports.
In my case for now i can’t configure and run apache on that server for this font so i will wait. Maybe you can do it or configure it.