Displaying date in the referenced object in objects list

I found next bug when displaying the date of the reference object.
You don’t use hours but in object list it are
year-month-day hour:minutes:seconds
the same date in object displaying like this:

only day/month/year

date formats are also different between these two views
Please repair and set the same date format everywhere in application - be it editing or displaying

Hi @marcinw,

thanks for reporting that issue. We tracked that in [NET-450]. I’ll keep you updated when we created a bugfix.

Could You write me when it will be fix?

Hallo @marcinw ,

is done since release 1.6.0

Hello @sergej.dumler,
i see that is done. Now i checked and now i could change it.
then i see that

is good

i found 3 bugs (these are mistakes for me)
in field where is filled reference object i see bad format time

when i clicked preview i saw:

logs: creation time / modification time and exportd logs time should be full and not change.
When i change this format time in regional settings, it’s changing creation time / modification time and exportd logs time:

from object logs log time disappeared

Hello @marcinw,

have already seen it. Reopened the process. Is online with release 1.6.3.


On the point about the logs:
The regional settings apply to all date fields. If you want to display the time, you must adjust the format (DD/MM/YYYY - HH:mm). In the database, the date values are stored in UTC.

in version 1.6.3 when i set date: YYYY-MM-DD
in object logs, exportd logs, creation date, modification date has the same format.
In that fields should be YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss and in an unchangeable format.