Discovering of DATAGERRY

Hello, I’m discovering and testing DATAGERRY with the objective of setting up a CMDB oriented for the management of a company’s equipment and infrastructure. Compared to CMDBuild, the management of objects seems more coherent to me. But it lacks the reporting functions and the management of user interactions (such as incident reports, etc.) . Do you have any suggestions for software to create an ecosystem that would meet my needs? Greetings from France :slight_smile:

Hi @XavierMAQUET,

thanks for your feedback about DATAGERRY. Of course, a reporting functionality is on our roadmap. To be honest, I think it will take some time, as we currently have a higher priority on topics like the improvement of object references and an import daemon, which automatically imports data from external sources (I will get more in detail about that in the next weeks on this plattform). So, reporting could be a feature for a 1.6 release (mid 2021). If you like, you are welcome to share your ideas about a reporting functionality in DATAGERRY.

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