Development Insights: Sprint 12

It’s time for an update from our development team with some details about Sprint 12. Currently we are in the middle of Sprint 12, which ends on 6th March 2020. This is also the release date of DATAGERRY 1.1.0, which will include all the described features below. In this Sprint we are working on the following topics:

[NET-271] Redesign Object Tables
We did a redesign of the object tables, to include a few new features. Up to now, the object tables has only shown summary fields of objects. In this Sprint we added a button to display additional fields of an object. Also a sorting of entries is now supported. To get an idea of the new feature, please have a look at the screenshot below. We already planned this feature for version 1.0.0, but had some performance trouble with bigger amount of objects. These problems have been solved now with a new concept and the object tables will perform also with thousands of objects. The implementation of that feature has been finished.

[NET-265] Redesign Search-Engine
In the last Sprint, we started with redesigning our object search. The idea was to have an intelligent search bar, which supports the user with intelligent filter suggestions, like a search only in type “router” or in all types of category “devices”. Also we want to improve the search result page. Lots of work has been done yet for that feature, but we need to do some finetuning of the usability. If you want to get an impression of the work that already has been done, have a look at the screenshot below:

[NET-284] Create a database schema updater
A more technical task, which is work in progress at the moment, is a database schema updater. In future versions, the structure of our database objects in MongoDB may change. For example, we decided to store dates in another format (have a look at the next issue). When starting DATAGERRY, the new updater will check the current database version and will apply any required structure updates automatically before starting up the application.

[NET-302] Review fieldtype date
Up to now, we store date fields in objects as string internally, which makes it more complicated for future functions like “get all routers, where the maintenance contract will expire in the next 3 months”. In this issue, we will move the storage of date fields from string to ISO date, which will support such functions in a better way. Existing objects will be migrated with the new database schema updater. We also worked on the presentation of dates and removed the time from the view. The most work for this has been finished, we need some more testing here.

[NET-350/NET-355] Exportd enhancements / docs
We added a generic plugin for Exportd, which executes an external script as an export job. This is a fast way, of integrating your own system. We also want to improve the Exportd documentation within that Sprint. The work for the generic plugin has been done. As always, we need to write the docs yet :slight_smile:

Small bugfixes
[NET-226] Edit type problem with Safari and Firefox
[NET-313] Handling of special characters in object type names
[NET-314] Small design issue with object references
[NET-316] WebUI adds prefix “unsafe:” for links with non-standard protocols
[NET-346] Authentication for REST API with LDAP user does not work
[NET-352] Fix Exportd ExternalSystemDummy

Small improvements
[NET-337] Use public_id in external links of objectsExternalSystemDummy

If you have questions or thoughts, please let us know :slight_smile:

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