Default value for textarea field

Hi there,

when defining a textarea field for a type the input type for default value should be textarea, too.
(Currently is type=“text”)

This way I can set multiple lines as default value.

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Hi @smathes

and welcome to our community! Thanks for your suggestion, which brings me to the idea of redesigning the default values of object types. I opened an issue in Jira, where you can track our work:

  • [NET-360] Default values for object type fields of all datatypes

This has a good chance for getting into our 1.2.0 release, which we plan for 29th May 2020. I’ll get back to you, when we have some updates for this issue.

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Hi @mbatz,

thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

Adding up to that a “current timestamp” might be a suitable option as default for “date” fields, although I don’t see a use for this (in my scenario) yet.

Looking forward to the release!

Hi @smathes,

we finished the development of that feature last week. It will be available in 1.2.0, which we will release at 29th May 2020. If you want to test it before, checkout our development branch (at your own risk - don’t use it in production :slight_smile: )