Default icon when editing type


sometimes when editing types the icon is automatically set to the default icon “cube”.
I can see the user defined icon flash for a split-second but then the icon changes to cube.

I have tested it several times and the behaviour occurs about 50% of the time.

Hello smathes,

On the fly I cannot reproduce the this behavior. But it is very well possible that we have a inconsistencies in the concurrency of the type at this point (this is indicated by the flashing).
We have plans to change in the initialization of the type-builder anyway, which should anticipate such problems.

But to avoid any other errors, can you give me some information about how to reproduce this?

For example:

  • Datagerry version
  • Browser / Operating system
  • Were you on the system via a VPN

or whatever else seems relevant to you.

Hi mheumueller,

strangely I cannot reproduce this behaviour today either, whereas I could reproduce it quite frequently yesterday.

I was using Datagerry version 1.4.2 and Firefox 82.0.3 on Manjaro Linux.
No VPN was active during my actions.

Nothing changed in my setup from yesterday, I didn’t even clear my browser cache.

I will try to reproduce this issue in the coming days and report back if necessary.