Dashboard - Users pie chart wrong count users

i have 39 Users in datagerry.
I have 25 person in group Pracownicy but pie chart show only 10.

Hello @marcinw,
we have looked into this problem but we cannot reproduce this behaviour.
Can you tell us how you got this behaviour and if it always occurs this way?

Hello @doblanken
I don’t know how this behavior came about but i can tell that in pie chart this value has been around for a long time even though i creating new users/ creating users from ldap and i added to this group.
i don’t know how long i have the same value for this group but for sure minimum from 1.4.3 version or even older
i use to Authentication

  • Local Authentication Provider
  • Ldap Authentication Provider

this group Pracownicy has:

  • from local users are 11 people
  • the rest that is 14 people is from ldap

If i changed for 1 person group from Podgląd to Pracownicy i got value 8 (in pie chart for group Podgląd) and still 10 ((in pie chart for group Pracownicy). When i change again group for the same user i got again 9 in group Podgląd and still 10 in Pracownicy

If you @doblanken want more information please ask me

Hello @marcinw
Thank you for this information.
After some further testing we have found that the users which were retrieved would cap out after 10 users were retrieved. We have created an issue for this on JIRA [NET-864]
We are now working on some changes which will fix this issue. This fix will be rolled out in the 1.5 release.

Hello @doblanken
Goog news i will wait calmly for new version :slight_smile:
Thank You